The John Deere 345G LC Excavator; When Little does more

Posted on 28th June 2018 by EquipDom

John Deere’s 345G LC excavator is one of the best mid-range excavators on the market, and has just about the same feel as when you drive a MINI Cooper – little definitely doesn’t mean less, actually it is more.

A vicious 186kW powers this element of mass production, and weighing in at over 80,000 lb, the 345G LC packs more weight than the more advanced 350G LC.

We’ve not even gotten to what sets the 345G so apart but we can already tell you it is the jack-of-all-trades equipment you absolutely should have on your fleet.

Dig deep and more into your options

Efficient work comes down to having the right equipment (we always do). One right equipment can be enough, as long as it provides options on the job, and no equipment does options like the John Deere 345G LC.

With a maximum digging depth of almost 8 metres, this robust beauty can shuffle through a variety of buckets, arm lengths, and widths, including high-flow auxiliary packages, making sure you don’t worry about not having the right equipment.

The versatility of the 345G LC goes even deeper, with a coupler that can take attachments for the 300G LC excavator, meaning you can adapt to a variety of task demands easily, without having to change or rent new equipment.

A Smooth flow makes for less effort, more productivity

The 345G LC has a three-pump hydraulics system, with one of the pumps working exclusively for the swing circuit. This doesn’t just mean fast cycle times, it definitely also means less effort, and a smooth hydraulic flow that will make work that much enjoyable.

The difference

What sets the 345G LC apart is its nifty ability to operate in tight spaces and situations.

How so??

Simple. John Deere 345G LC has a reduced-tail-swing! This design makes it the perfect equipment for cramped space, working in traffic, and tight ends. Be it construction, landscaping, or street repair, you’ll not find a better friend for when your back is against the wall

And when the going gets tougher (because it can handle tough), just push the POWER BOOST button and get an extra jolt to power your way through debris and obstacles.

Its Isuzu turbocharged EPA Final Tier 4 engine doesn’t just promise power, it delivers every bit of it and more, while conforming to every emission standard.

SO you see?

The guys at John Deere thought of everything, including the sometimes forgotten pilot visibility. This time around, the hood design allows for maximum visibility all around the sides and rear, and a full-size cab means you don’t have to worry about space (what did we say earlier, just like a MINI).

A rearview camera also means you have full visual on what is behind you, and can easily navigate through, and short-throw levers, push buttons, a convenient interface and user-friendly controls mean you don’t have to worry about going through every drop of ink in the manual.


The 345G LC excavator is the handy man of the excavator class, and a definite must-have on your fleet or when you need that one-man army that gets you through multiple tasks in tight spaces, efficiently and enjoyably.

Know more about the 345G LC’s other cool features by reading our full quality control report here

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