About Us

Equipdom ( The Kingdom Of All Equipment ) is one of the largest online marketplace, which specializes in bringing together sellers and buyers of all kinds of Equipment, Spare Parts, engines, heavy-duty vehicles, buses, vans, trucks, special machinery, construction equipment, agricultural equipment, industrial equipment, aviation equipment and medical equipment under one platform.

Since our website began work, we were able to unite a large number of companies, dealers, suppliers and buyers from all walks of life, willing to trade and buy or sell in a very dynamic ways online.

Equipdom operates Globally. We have a global language version of the website for all users to choose from, and for other countries that their language is not supported yet, can make use of the International version in English.

Our objectives – is to become the one STOP place for an online marketplace for all kinds of equipment where buyers and seller come together to do business and to make sure that you can easily, quickly and profitably sell, choose and buy the necessary equipment.
We are pleased to welcome you to Equipdom! We wish you successful and fruitful work!

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