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    We have agents / customer service workers in most countries and this agents / customer service workers have the necessary tools or software to diagnose also. they will be as a middle men or women. to go and view the items for the buyers and make pictures or video chat…skype directly from the seller / dealer / company the buyer can see and take a proper look at the items before deciding to pay. our agents have special tools for inspections of spare parts…engines they can decide to buy or not. we only charge the buyer / company per 1 visitation. READ FURTHER BELOW BUT DON’T FORGET TO CONTACT US DIRECTLY BY EMAIL OR PHONE CALL / FILL OUT THE QUALITY CONTROL REQUEST FORM. Click here to go directly to the Quality Control Request Page.

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    All we want to do, is to eliminate return / buyers complaining of bad nonfunctional, items not as described cases.

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    We want to eliminate unforseen spending on items returns shipping cost …to and fro.

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    We want to limit time wasting of the buyer Because every buyer want to buy an item and start using them immediately without them facing the issues of the items does not match or fit into their engines etc.

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    We want to build a great trust between the buyers and sellers before the buyers pays for the items without worries of items having major problems.

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    Every item that was processed through our website is covered / protected and if anything happens. the case can be decided by our very competent in house cases lawyers Etc.

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    Every item must be shipped with insurance policy in case of theft or damages.

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    You can also hire your own freelance specialist person- whom are verified by us, from our website to do the same quality control request processes for you.

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    One good advantage is that all our agents speak the mother language of the country they are located and most of our agents speak atleast 2 to 3 foreign languages and more. we will make sure all buyers are connected to those that meet their languages criteria.

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    The buyers and sellers will be allowed to choose agents on their own from the list of our in house agents and independent agents whom are registered and verified by our organization.

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    Buyers will be allowed to use atleast 2 to 3 different agents to verified the items for so many opinions before they buy, if they choose to do that but buyers will pay for each sections the agents go out to work for them.

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    The buyer or sellers can ask us to do the shipping for them …so in this situation. the buyers and sellers are very much sure their items have been shipped etc

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    Our agents and the independent agents are highly qualified personnel for each task that we assigned to them to do, so be rest assured that we are sending the right knowledgeable personnel to do your quality control work for you.

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    Any transactions done outside EQUIPDOM.COM does not come under our insurance policies etc

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    We want to give great opportunities for buyers from remote locations of world, whom might not know how and what to do about buying an item online in other part of the world

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    All our agents have been proved innocent of any crime because they submit a police report, that they have not committed any crime or offenders before we verified them and their company.

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    If the buyers and sellers are worried about payment methods or terms….they can call us to intermediate etc …

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    Our company will act as the middle man in terms of the money transfer or payment or exchange of the cash and goods – our company will be responsible for the shipment also – maybe the buyer will drop the amount he agreed with the seller in our bank account or our physical office.the buyers and sellers can also decide to pay the money into the sellers account directly and the sellers can ship the items to the buyers directly

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    Concerning our returns policy: since every items that is being sold through our website will be visited by our in house agents or independent agents – we are trying to minimize the rate of returns of items by the buyers because our agents will visit the buyer and inspect the items and make pictures and live chat with the buyer on whatsapp…skype etc before the buyers and sellers agrees to finalized the transactions and if such transaction is being iron out or agreed upon and funds transferred. our company will be responsible for the case of returns etc. Because one of our agents / representative in the buyer or seller country will be responsible by intermediating between the buyer and seller in making sure item is returned and the necessary actions will be taking to clear the cases.

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    In case of return cases etc our company will be responsible for this by representing the buyer and sellers and some cases our company will be liable to refund the buyers and pursue to get our money back from the sellers but we will make sure such cases falls under a special situations or conditions before our company will be liable to refund the buyers first before going to the office or house of the sellers to get our money back.Because we will not do any inspections on an unknown locations or carpools but always at the seller house or warehouses or offices where the sellers work etc. And likewise the buyers delivery address must be his own houses or warehouses or office etc. we have to consider the sellers and buyers locations before visiting and delivery address.

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    We will not entertain any returns that have to do with items does not match etc complains, since our agents inspected the items and the buyer gave our agent the go ahead to finalize the transactions. but in case the buyers want to return or exchange the item. they will lose the right for the shipment to and fro etc and incase of returns of other circumstances which the sellers accepted. the buyers will lose some amount of money for restocking etc fees which will go to the sellers.

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    Our company has the right to re-negotiate prices for the visitation or inspections from our agents. It’s all depends on the sizes and quantities of the items.

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    Sure, we will have a onetime price for our agents to visit or inspect the items that the buyers want to buy but after 3 hours will might set up another extra charge after the first 3 hours we shall discuss this further with buyer / company.

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    Our message to the whole world is that, there is no need for buyers and sellers to worry about returns, paying for substandard items, paying for damaged goods , buying items which the buyers don’t need to worry about the sellers or buyers anymore.we will act and represent both parties perfectly , so the buyers and sellers will have enough time to do their normal life.

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    We will keep every record of our visit or inspections we carried out to the seller place or items. for record purpose because our company will be responsible in handling the returns etc cases if that arises because we have to compare our records of visitation and inspections records with when the items is being returned to our company for any types of issues before refund could be accepted or otherwise.

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    We have the right not to disclose the address of our buyers and sellers to none of the both parties the buyers and seller. That’s to say – our company is liable to represent the sellers and buyers for shipping and delivery address and the both parties will not know each other locations but they can exchange phone numbers etc .

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    We want to eliminate buyers and sellers getting nasty with each by exchanging dangerous words and threatnen each other and abusive etc….so every email etc must pass through our company and we relate it to both parties and our administrators

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    We will warehouse the items of our clients for free -until we sell it but we will discuss more about this with buyers and sellers. we must also be very sure the items we are going to warehouse for free for our clients …is a fast sale-able products and anything that does not sell fast…we can make an arrangement with the clients to either let us get rid of it for free of charge or turn it into bidding kind of business on our website platform which we will create specifically for such things.

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    Our clients are not under any obligations to pay us for warehousing their items. they can come for pick up of their items but must give some times atleast before coming to pick it up etc.

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    We will be open to any options of our clients. we will be very flexible as possible as we can. we will discuss with our clients and come to a favourable conditions with them.

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