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John Deere’s range of versatile and performant Skid Steers are just as easy to maintain as they are to operate, and if you are a DIY person, then they’ll fit right in with your style.


We look at 10 simple steps DIY steps that will ensure that your A/C system on your John Deere E-series Skid Steer, or compact loader, is operating as it should.

To check recirculation filters and cab fresh-air, you’ll have to start with parking the machine on a level surface and then carrying out the following steps;

-          Remove the knobs securing the guard behind the operator’s seat.

-          Take out the guard

-          Gently remove the fresh-air filter and the recirculation filter and inspect for debris or any damage

-          Clean or replace, however the case may demand

-          Replace the guard and then the knobs


And that’s it, you are good to go at that end, now to the engine!

WARNING: before working on the engine, let the engine and its components cool, to avoid injury, reduce risk of injury, and so you can be able to touch them with your hands.

What you want to check here is the air-conditioner condenser. It picks up dirt and debris during operation, and can also suffer damage, or leaks. So, you proceed thus;

-          Park the machine on a level surface and let the engine to cool

-          Remove attachments, if any

-          Hoist the boom and then lock it in that elevated position

-          Take out the engine side panels

-          There is a pin on the right side of the machine, it needs to be removed

-          Tilt the bracket away from the air-conditioner condenser

CAUTION: be careful and delicate when tilting the bracket, contact with the dust-unloader valve will most likely damage the valve.

-          Swing the air-condenser conditioner away from the machine in a downward motion.

-          Clean the air-conditioner alongside the radiator fins with compressed air.

-          Put the air-conditioner condenser and bracket back in place, and replace the pin.

-          Replace the engine side panels and engine cover, then lower the boom.


There you have it, and your  E-series Skid Steer, or compact loader is ready to go.


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