Posted on 29th June 2018 by EquipDom

A few years ago, having a cell phone or computer on the job site will constitute a major risk or hazard, but today it is all 360.


We have SMART-phones now, and tablets, notebooks, and laptops, that can do all kinds of formerly unimaginable things, making them an integral and key part of everyday life on the job.


Technology promised to swallow up everything with each advancement and then the word INNOVATION became viral.


Innovation is responsible for us not having to spend a hundred years on the construction of a building, or needing over a hundred workers to haul a mass of stone from point A to B, and now innovation is responsible for the change of fortunes of phones and the devices that were once a safety concern or hazard.

Smartphones can actually do more than quiz google and share on the gram (formerly Instagram)

John Deere’s Precision Ag technology is just on the many field solutions out there that can make use of your smartphones to send notifications, alerts, location and real time data, amongst other functions.

4G networks will soon be a thing of the past, with development on 5G networking well advanced and tests on how it can benefit the construction industry also very much active. What better way to make use of that to include all the devices that will give it an edge in the transfer of information on the job.

Inventory taking has also not been this easy in like forever, every equipment and materials used have code names and numbers, and all you have to do is create a worksheet and let automated tasks worry about calculations and totals. Sharing work-related information is now an instantaneous, swipe-of-a-screen action that demands nothing but a few bytes of Wi-Fi.

A lot of the veterans miss the days of paychecks, but they can’t argue that invoicing makes life much easier and hassle free.

Safety largely depends on information, being in the know, whether it is knowing the whereabouts of material or equipment, what or where a certain operator, engineer, or worker is, or what equipment needs repairs, checkup, or decommissioning. Having information can make all the difference between a catastrophe and an almost completely safe site (no work environment is ever completely safe).

Construction companies are catching up to these innovations as well; from fleet management to equipment monitoring, to invoices, companies are making their work less stressful by going digital, and there is even potential for making the work of their workers way simpler, by introducing eLearning courses.

These courses help operators and workers have more than the basic knowledge on the workings of the machinery they use and also how their phones or laptops could provide them with more than just music on iTunes. A properly trained labour force will mean less risks, faster and more efficient work, greater productivity, and in the long run can be very economical.

Phones, tablets, and laptops have come a long way and so too has safety, security and productivity on the job, and we have innovation to thank.

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