John Deere Precision Ag technology; A peek into the future of Agriculture

Posted on 19th June 2018 by EquipDom

John Deere's Precision Ag technology is a farming solution and agricultural advancement like no other, not just because it is a comprehensive all-purpose tool, but also because it delivers on what it promises – improved productivity, and a facilitation of your tasks in a way that no other equipment on the market offers.

Precision Ag technology as described by John Deere experts brings together “people, equipment, and machine” in a way that can only mean more productivity, a better ROI, and a much better profit or produce from your farm. All of these passes through and improvement of your John Deere equipment, or fleet, to bring out their maximum power and activity.

Precision Ag improves the communication between you and your equipment by bridging the divides between instruction, analysis, task assignment, and management.

Data Management

Whether you just want to check up quickly on equipment utilization, or locate your equipment fleet, or just collect data for analysis at a different time, Precision Ag has impeccable data management solutions that will save you time, provide you with a total and comprehensive data feedback for analysis with a user-friendly interface that will make analysis more fun and relatable than you ever imagined

What’s More??!! You can totally go mobile with Precision Ag and receive customized alerts, notifications, share files with your operators on the field.

You can also measure yield, quickly adjust details such as length-of-cut, or better measure sugar, starch, moisture, etc, using the micro-sized John Deere HarvestLab 3000

Learn more about Precision Ag’s Data Management.

Remote Management

AgLogic chains together cellular technology, GPS, and a web-based software, to conveniently manage and skipper your equipment or fleet from one spot. Whether using John Deere equipment or equipment from another constructor, AgLogic works.

Increase your productivity and enhance risk management with AgLogic’s graphical visuals of your equipment fleet. Using AgLogic, you can assign work orders to operators on the field, direct them using the map on the application’s interface, and get feedback for monitoring performance and equipment activity. After work, the operator simply signs off from the application and billing is done quickly with a few swipes and clicks.

Learn more about Precision Ag's Remote Management


Precision Ag technology puts productivity right in the palm of your hands and gives a sneak peek into the farming of tomorrow, and brings a refreshing and more interactive experience to the job.

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